Upon completion of our originally created 3D animation series Tritans II, Monstrou Studio has gained two full years of Motion Capture experience and has built up a full Motion Capture based animation pipeline with a robust production team, that can effectively control project timeline and lower production cost.

Monstrou Studio is capable of offering all rounded Motion Capture based animation services, of high quality and arch reliability, to both animation houses and game developers.

Planning a motion capture shoot

Monstrou Studio helps their clients to schedule the most productive shoots possible, and involving us early on will allow maximum satisfaction for the best project pipeline. The staff is dedicated to making the entire motion capture process smooth and enjoyable for clients.The best way to ensure a successful shoot is to plan ahead and communicate with us.

STAGE ONE : Pre-Production

1) Project Assessment

Full and thorough analysis of requirements, test shoots and budget advice before full production.

2) Skeleton Tailoring Service /Preparation and adaptation of custom skeletons.

We have the flexibility to edit bone segments to match the hierarchical requirements of your character's skeleton. This service also allows the freedom to customize skeletal data to accommodate tails, braids, non-human characters, props or animals. We help you design a skeleton that works best with you character!

3) On Location Set-up

Our highly mobile systems allow us to take them anywhere to shoot. We can set up a capture space to client's specifications, in the location of your choosing.

STAGE TWO:Capture Services

Full Body:Single Person

Monstrou Studio uses Vicon optical-based, high resolution and accurate motion capture system to produce the most realistic full body motion available.Enabling us to capture the natural movements of the performer, delivering significant performance. The system too allows for customized volumes, specialized marker sets, actor with props, realtime display and immediate data playback.

Facial Capture

Your character's personality is brought to life with our optical facial capture service. We can capture the subtle facial movements and expressions of your character, allowing audience to be drawn to their close-to-life facial expressions.

Prop Capture: All variety of props

Monstrou Studios can capture various props such as basketballs, hockey sticks, guns, swords, and even bicycles to accommodate your project's needs. This service provides you with seamless interactions between the characters and props, and provides realistic motion that is ready to drive your animations.

STAGE THREE: Processing

  • We provide a huge range of post-services apart from processing your data.
  • Conversion to several different formats and output to various 3D packages.
  • Manipulation of data including loops and blends.
  • Solving to custom rigs and skeletons.
  • Unparallel after sales support.
  • Facility

  • Multiple Mocap Systems on Site
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Portable Systems
  • Hi-Resolution Facial Capture
  • Custom Motion Capture Suits
  • Data archiving and storage
  • Hardware:Vicon T40 Motion Capture Cameras

  • The T40 camera is the world’s highest resolution motion capture camera

  • 4 megapixel, outdoor ready & up to 2000 fps
  • 2D on-board tracking
  • Proprietary digital sensors (built by Vicon)
  • 515 frames per second at full frame resolution
  • Software:Motion Builder

  • Previsualization
  • 2D/3D Motion Graphics
  • 3D Models, environments & 3D character creation
  • Motion Capture data processing, compositing & VFX
  • Scene assembly & cinematics
  • Software:Blade

  • Real-time & full-performance motion capture
  • Turn-key pipeline from production through post
  • Customized & scalable platform
  • Globally optimizing kinematic solvers
  • Full-resolution video integration
  • User-friendly HSL scripting language
  • Video link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/51736897?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0